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We help different industory to simplify their procedures.

Appointment scheduling and queue management system

An appointment scheduling and queue management system allows the customers to book and change appointments. The system sends customised notifications to the staff and the customers of confirmations, reminders and pending appointments.

Augmented reality (AR) technologies system

AR technology can enhance the current perception of reality and has a wide range of potential applications such as digital marketing, education and gaming.​

Document management and mobile access system

A document management and mobile access system synchronises digital documents across multiple sites for sharing among company employees. Local data is backed up and stored in the storage system, enabling disaster recovery, archiving and rapid access as ne

Electronic inventory management system

An electronic inventory management system automates inventory management processes, monitors stock availability and streamlines tracking of transaction data. The system generates inventory reports and sends notifications on stock movements and status. The

Location based services (LBS)

A LBS is a software-level service that manipulates location data. It includes services to identify the location of a person or object, and it may be applied in social networking, entertainment, security etc.

POS system

A POS system may include product checkout, payment transaction, receipt issue, stock control or other higher-end functions such as customer database, inventory management, sales trend and profit analysis etc.

Mobile App Development

We are committed to develop all kinds of apps for enterprises, both iOS or Android, We can realize ideas for our customers and provide professional advice.

  • Create miracle
  • Enhance competitiveness
  • Realize ideas
Games Development

We builds and operates mobile and PC games

  • Young and professional team
  • Design, graphic, coding and sales, all included
  • We use latest programing language, easy maintainance
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